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Pat Taylor

“When people are planning with their CPAs, attorneys, agents and money managers, it’s hard for everyone to understand each other’s business. As wealth manager, I like to interpret and educate – I take all the jargon and translate it, so we’re all talking the same, client-centric language.”

When Pat founded affiliated Conry Taylor and Morrow CPAs PC in 1988, she drew from her extensive background to build a fresh model for assisting Knoxville-area families with their business accounting, tax preparation and financial planning needs – a ground-breaking combination at the time. Pat, her co-member Della Morrow and the rest of the CTM team have added to that early vision ever since. In 2008, we established a separate business as a Registered Investment Advisor firm to offer professional advisory services and oversight of clients’ broad and specialized wealth interests.

Having served as a “green shade” CPA, and tax-specialty and general financial planner for several respected area firms, and as a small business owner herself, Pat is just the planner to pull off our distinct service vision for CTM Financial. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Vanderbilt University and has been a practicing CPA since 1984. She also obtained her AICPA Financial Planning Specialty (PFS) designation in 2010.

Pat is married with two daughters and two grandchildren. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering in and around the greater Knoxville community, particularly in counseling and educational roles. Wherever she is found, you can count on Pat to speak plainly and directly, bridging gaps and clearing up misunderstandings.

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