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The CTM Edge

Our core strengths form the CTM Edge:

Seasoned experience since 1988
For decades, we have been helping clients through a wide range of personal and financial transitions, leading with structured planning and goal-setting, followed by informed guidance and implementation, wrapped in personalized care.

Deliberate investment strategy
We are grounded in the academics on how to patiently earn the market’s expected long-term returns. The industry refers to our investment strategy as passive investing or evidence-based investing.  This strategy best complements our carefully planned approach to wealth management.

Structured as a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm, we are compensated solely by our clients for providing them with professional advice and individualized oversight of their broad and specialized wealth interests. By refusing all commissions or other third-party incentives, we are freed from conflicting incentives typically found within the banker/brokerage industry.

Responsible fiduciary
Being an RIA firm also means we serve in a fiduciary relationship with our clients. This means our advice must exclusively serve their highest financial interests ahead of all else.

Part of fiduciary care includes ensuring the costs of investing are clearly stated and well-managed. Cost management also makes good investment sense. Plainly stated: The less you spend on investing, the more of your returns you get to keep as your own.

Team-based service
Based on your personalized, written Investment Policy Statement, we integrate your investment strategy with your overall financial plan. Our team is further strengthened by the BAM Advisor Service back-office; the broader BAM ALLIANCE network; and tax and accounting services available from our affiliated firm, Conry-Taylor & Morrow CPAs PC.

Local relationships
Our advisor services and educational emphases touch the lives of our neighbors from all walks of life as we seek to assist Knoxville families in building enduring wealth across changing times.

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